Wednesday, 23 January, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis: Signs that you are approaching the wrong side of 25

1. Your ability to maintain digestive composure after ingesting what used to be perfectly healthy food ( read pizza, pasta, burger) has diminished drastically. You used to be able to eat nails, soil, detergent (once), glue, but now, one indiscretion and you regret for two days straight.

2. Your ability to function after a late night ( read post 12 o'clock)  is almost nil now. You used to pull all-nighters and used to claim that you are at your creative best at night. Now you  are lucky if you manage not to fall asleep on your desk most days.

3. Your ability to function without caffeine seems like a myth like Santa Claus or Shaktiman. Coffee is equal to consciousness. Full stop. 

4. The adrenalin rush you felt from buying things during sales ( even ill-fitting clothes and outrageous colors) is a funny memory. Let alone a "sale", you dread shopping with the weekend crowd and are have taken to online shopping because of the no-trial convenience.

5. You have realized that watching a bad movie just because you bought the ticket is a colossal waste of time and just think of the opportunity cost! ( p.s. the fact that you know the meaning of opportunity cost itself points to your age)

6. You no longer think songs based on cuss-words are cool. As a consequence, you no longer care who Alice is.

7. The frequency of updating and checking Facebook reduces from every hour to every two hours.

8. You have stopped saying you are about to get a tattoo.

9. Your friends are getting married faster than rabbits are mating and you are alternately disgusted and jealous.

10. You have stopped giving useless birthday gifts to friends. In some cases you have stopped giving birthday gifts at all. 

Congratulations! You have started on the journey to Adulthood.

This post is dedicated to my gorgeous, funny, intelligent, independent, informed, practical friend. Happy 25 Rupu! Trust me it will only get better. Italy here we come!

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