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Everyday I read newspapers, blogs and articles elsewhere and I feel like sharing the things I've read because  most days atleast one of them will make me think, tell me something I didn't know before, make me laugh, make me agree strongly, make me disagree strongly or make me curious to find out more and send me on a treasure hunt. So I will post the link of the article/post/news/info I found worth reading that day, something I was glad to have come across. (It might have been published last decade but I saw it today or remembered it and decided to revisit it). Somedays nothing might be good enough. Feel free to send me a link to something similar or something different or something you liked today, in the comments.

 23rd July, 2012 :  Mrs Logic  in  New York Magazine.
Somehow, till date, I never knew Ayn Rand was not universally loved.

27th July, 2012 :  The Burning House  in Brain Pickings
What about you? I am still trying to decide.

29th July, 2012 :  License to kill costs  from today's Hindustan Times
So do I Mr. T.R.Srinivasavadivelu.

1st August, 2012 : Letter from India: Rajiv and the Potassium Parmanganate  in  The Paris Review Blog
Hilarious! Reminded me of a book I loved, "The Inscrutable Americans" by Anurag Mathur. Though this article is about foreigners being boggled by India and its madness.

3rd August, 2012 : Excerpt from Booker Longlisted Rachel Joyce's "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" on NPR site
The Man Booker Longlist has been announced. I'm hoping to read some of them to form my own opinion on who should win.

22nd August, 2012 : How Paperbacks transformed the way Americans read  in  MentalFloss Blog
I guess the world won't come to an end if e-books replace actual books. Though my heart will break. But I guess I will recover.

27th August, 2012 : Handle with Flare from Sunday's Hindustan Times
As irreverent as ever!

28th August, 2012 : A beautiful Bird's eye view of Famous TV apartments on Flavorwire
I have always been curious about the behind the camera aspects of TV show houses. These are delightful! Oh I love TV and sitcoms.

17th December, 2012 : The Pleasures and Pains of Coffee on Lapham's Quarterly Blog
Coffee is a great power in my life too.

18th December, 2012 : Poetry makes you weird on The Chronicle Review
You got feelings. These people will put them in words. You will read the words and feel a click. The click shall set you free.

4th January, 2013 : Joy by Zadie Smith on The New York Review of Books
It's true for me too. All day long I can look forward to food.

21st January, 2013 : Homophonic Translation 
This one is for you MJ. Tu mange les choses de salle de bains.

22nd January, 2013 : 10 Myths about Bookselling on Used Furniture Review
I would still love to be a bookseller.

31st January, 2013 : Coffee in a Heaven by John Agrad on Poetry Archive
I seems to be developing an interest in Poetry (only the understandable kind). And what better way  to start than with a cup of coffee.

1st February, 2013 : Steal My Book by Peter Mountford on The Atlantic 
Charming and funny story of book piracy.

20th February, 2013 : Do novels fall into two classes on Guardian Books Blog
Something I have thought alot about and will blog about some time soon.

21st February, 2013 : The getaway car(Excerpt) - a personal essay by Ann Patchett on Byliner
Some practical advice from one of my new heroes, Ann Patchett. You can learn the craft but the art has to come from within you. You have to want to say something, show something, do something. Stay tuned for more links from/about Ann Patchett. 

6th March, 2013 : The bookstore strikes back on The Atlantic
Ann Patchett is not only an author but also a book store owner. She inspires me to open my bookshop someday. 

11th March, 2013: Find any book imaginable on Racked NY
This is reason enough to move to NewYork ( in case you wanted any)

16th February, 2014: Hemingway App
The Apps edits your writing to make it more clear and bold like Hemingway! Technology even I can appreciate!


  1. I like the as irreverent as ever most ! Love reading your posts .

    1. Thank you! It is great to know there is someone who reads my blog without coercion. :D

  2. This is so cool :D

    Un petit d'un petit
    S'étonne aux Halles
    Un petit d'un petit
    Ah! degrés te fallent
    Indolent qui ne sort cesse
    Indolent qui ne se mène
    Qu'importe un petit d'un petit
    Tout Gai de Reguennes.

    PS - I LOVE U

  3. I LOVE YOU TOOO. Let's record it and put the audio on my blog!!


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