Saturday, 22 December, 2012

The perfect car playlist

If your daily commute is of more than 15 mins and you don't want to feel helpless about the song choice of the RJ ( read mostly punjabi or punjabi masquerading as bollywood), you need to play your own music in the car. The familiarity of the song is an important attribute for it to get selected for your car playlist. The playlist has a very important role to play. It helps you forget every motherf****** bas**** who doesn't know how to drive. It helps you accept the inevitable. It makes you smug in the knowledge that you have a weapon to  fight this maddening traffic. Thus, the playlist must be carefully selected. And it should be universal, a lil something for every mood. So here is the framework for the perfect car playlist. 

Song No.1 : The Starter
It shouldn't be too slow or too fast. Just the right rhythm to ease you into the long ride ahead. Probably something with a strong beat but a melody as well. Something which also signifies the freedom you feel as the day is ending. I would go with Wake Up Sid -"Kya karoo" or "Beautiful Day" by U2.

Song No.2 :  The Cruiser
A hard core smooth track, no apologies. A rocking number that sets the groove. Makes you feel like an underworld don with the world in your control. Wearing metaphorical Aviators, if you will. I would go with "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or "Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones or "Have a nice day" Bon Jovi.

Song No.3 : The Funk
Peppy, funky head nodding / bobbing number , to bring you back from the dark side. My suggestion " Hey soul sister" by Train.

Song No.4 : The Club Anthem
Whatever might be current or your personal favorite.I would go with "The club can't  handle me" by FLORIDA.

Song No.5 : The Karaoke Favorite
Now you are probably all-in the traffic and there is no option but to just keep going. You need to occupy your mind. An all time favorite sing along song. Which you have to sing on full volume, yes even the high bits where your voice cracks and the parts where you mumble the words or make up rhyming substitutes and come back strongly on the chorus. I pick "Ain't no mountain high" by The Temptations. 

Song No.6 : The Soother
You are driving mechanically. Hopefully now the peek-a-boo traffic is a thing of the past. Now a soothing number, something which lets you drift and think of higher things. I personally like Norah Jones for this. " Sunrise" or " Come away with me" or "Iktara" from Wake-up Sid.

Song No.7 : The Local
You've reached that stage in your journey where you accept that you have a love-hate relationship with your city. Its a b***h but it's your b***h. For Delhi the classic " Dilli " by Rabbi Shergill or even "Dilli" from No one killed Jessica. For Mumbai "We are the Bhaaiys".

Song No.8 : The Diva / Stud Song 
Yeah baby, you rock! Own it. For the ladies " I'm a b****h, I'm a lover" by Alanis Morissette or "Video" by India Arie  or "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado. For the gentlemen "I'm a man" by Black Strobe.
Song No.9 :The New Hottie

Something which has caught your fancy but you know it's a short term thing. For instance " I got the moooooooves like Jagger" by Maroon 5.
Song No.10 : The Motivator

Its almost over, you made it. You're home and the traffic is behind you. A song which motivates you, which makes you think about tomorrow, which makes you want to start afresh and do something great. " Tu dhoop he" from Taree Zameen Pe or "Aaaj kal zindagi" from Wake up Sid or "Walk on" by U2 or "Miniature Disaster" by KT Tunstall.

Song No.11: The Guilty Pleasure
We all have one. We all have more than one. The cheesy songs from when we were young. The lyrics etched into your mind like a tattoo. Most likely to be Bryan Adams or Shania Twain or even Britney or (God Forbid) Blackstreet boys. Go ahead. Give in to it. Show me the feeling of being lonely! Cause it's my life and I am going to be 18 till I die so baby hit me one more time.

Song No.12: The Dirty Secret
The song you secretly like. You wouldn't admit even to yourself you like a song like this. What is wrong with me? How can I like this song? But you do. You feet start tapping, you know the words and you sing it in your head. This is your dirty secret you wouldn't tell your best friend. This is also a test song.  To test if he or she will love you unconditionally, tell them you like this song. My dirty secret - punjabi songs whose lyrics I don't even understand - gabru, kala chachma, woofer-amplifier( for purely academic purposes), and so on.

Happy Driving! 

P.S. In case you couldn't tell, the soundtrack of Wake-up Sid is my absolute favorite car music. I played it morning-evening for a year and I wore out the CD so I went and got a new one. I still play it atleast once a week.

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