Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

New York, New York

New York Times now limits access to its online content. Every visitor to the site is allowed 10 free articles a month. After that, for access to various sections of the site, you need to subscribe. Before this happened, I didn't realize I was reading so many articles/ blogs on NY Times, but apparently I was because I finished my meagre quota of 10 articles within the first week of the month. The subscription is 99 cents/month ( about Rs. 53)for the first three months and after three months a user will be charged 3.75 USD /month (about Rs.200). I am not saying this is prohibitively expensive, but considering that I was getting all this for free, I'm feeling bad. I feel like a kid who has been playing with the neighbour's kid's video game and now the kid won't let me play anymore. I guess its time to go buy my own.

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