Friday, 20 January, 2012

Why you like a particular Book / Movie / TV serial or soap

Unlike a painting, a book / movie / TV serial or soap, tells a story. A painting is just one scene of a story, you imagine the rest. There are two reasons why you like a book / movie / TV serial or soap :

1) You relate with one of the characters, mostly the protagonist or the situation :
You connect with the character. You want to see where the story will take him. You find justification for your actions in his actions. You feel the comfort of validation of your decisions. Or you are in a similar or parallel situation and you want some answers. Here you are very sensitive to the plot, the development of characters, the why and how of the story.

2) You find one of the characters attractive :
You can't resist the charm. You want to find out more about him / her. You want to know whether you stand a chance. Needless to say you wont bother too much about the story line as long as he/she is not killed unnecessarily.

Then there is the lethal combination of the two, you relate with a character who in the story is interested in the character you find attractive!

Disclaimer: There are a million reasons for liking or not liking a book /movie /TV serial or soap. Some of them are relatively rational  and some are unique to you. That's why your experience of the book / movie / TV serial or soap will be very different from mine even though we both read the same book, watched the same movie / TV serial or soap.

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