Thursday, 22 December, 2011

Why do I want to blog? The statement of purpose

I love books and I love reading. My idea of a well spent day is to be curled up in bed with a good book. So when I love the written word so much, could writing be far behind. I started off early. My first full novel was "Autobiography of an Ass". I was 10 and sadly no one told me that the word "ass" has an anatomical meaning as well. Needless to say, it dint get published. But atleast my friends had a good laugh. I've been thinking about starting a blog of my own for quite a while now. Why it took me so long? The usual reasons..I dont write well  enough, what will I write about, what will I call it, and the big "No one is going to read it". I was talking to a dear friend and I asked him "Why should I blog?" and he said " The sole point of creation is the creation itself ". And that's when I decided, even if no one reads it I will write it. I want to blog about the things which make me think. And in order to have things to write about, I would have to go out there and live. Go to new places, meet people, read more, watch more movies, eat new things, get input. So this blog has another purpose.To motivate me to get my ass out of bed and see the world around me.


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